In my older age I see too many possibilities; perhaps I always have but when I was younger it was called being scattered or distracted. I can still be both of those things but for sure I see too many possibilities. It affects my paintings and other artwork by starting a project and then seeing another possibility and then changing direction or even at times starting over. When I was in art school it seemed the professors encouraged that telling us that we should let the painting take us where it will but then that we also had to exercise judgment in what to keep and what to change. Those days were both challenging and joyful. I have never been a planner unlike many I know who can create a work plan and follow it to completion. I would (will) on occasion sketch out things that I want to put in a work before but I could never, cannot, or at least do not complete a full sketch of what a work will be.

Recently I have begun incorporating symbols that have meaning to me, for example I use turtles as a symbol of good, eagles as a symbol of power and owls as a symbol of foreboding. Don't get me wrong, I love owls and I don't think of them as a symbol of evil or danger: like I said foreboding. A reminder that there are things around which we should have caution.

So I threw this together not very carefully just to get the basic's not a great or perhaps not even a good drawing but it informs me I suppose and gets my brain used to the shapes. The photo is also taken at an angle with my phone so it distorts some too. This kind of sketching helps limit my possibilities which helps me actually finish things. Okay, this is my first blog post and I am rambling now so I'm going to stop.

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