Red Dress Memorial Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

A memorial to missing and murdered First Nations and Native American women inspired by First Nations artist Jaime Black’s Red Dress Project:

In my life I have known, loved and admired many Native American and First Nations women some of whom experienced violence and some of whom have been murdered, including a member of my own family. Out of respect I do not name them but show these dresses in memoriam.

When I first saw the works of the Red Dress Project, I wept remembering those whose lives have been taken. This painting is my small way of joining with them and with the First Nations artist, Jaime Black standing in solidarity with the First Nations and Native American women against violence.

I made this painting with great reverence and with humility for those who have been lost; I am an ally and I stand with those who stand against this evil.

The Red Dresses are an icon of the lives lost to us in this world but whose spirits continue in the next. I chose the birch tree as an icon of purity the color white representing the sacred and cleansing. The autumn colors are intentional as a celebration of the beauty of life contrasted against the ugliness of violence in all forms. Autumn symbolizes an ending and reflects my stance to end all violence especially against indigenous women. I believe violence and especially murder must come to an end and we must evolve as humans to eliminate things that feed violence such as greed, entitlement, privilege and fear.

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