This work started as an etching that I didn’t like very much so I put some paint and ink on a piece of Plexiglas and pulled a monotype print over the etching. I still didn’t like it: too ambiguous. I set it aside for a long time, maybe two years before I decided to just draw something from what I was seeing. It soon became a face and I started liking it…a little. I kept working on it and began to see other faces within the larger face and I took time to bring these out a little. I set it aside again for a few months and then began to remove ink and paint from the work by using tape. I would apply a piece of tape to a section and rub it in with the back of a spoon and finally remove the tape which took off some of the surface of the work. I continued adding with pen and brush and removing with bits of tape.

At first I named this, Eyes of a Soldier partly because I tried to put a helmet like hat on the large figure. I was thinking about the things that soldiers are asked to do to other human beings and the things they witness that traumatize them. I kept thinking about the name for a long time and eventually decided to rename it, Vision because of all the other faces and images that emerged as I worked on it. I still retain the notion of pain however as it emerges in the faces large and small. I am against violence and I have seen the devastation it has done in people’s lives. You are allowed to see whatever you see but I ask you to remember those suffering because of violence and the things they have seen.

I also think very much about the spiritual nature of seeing that and those other’s do not. I am a strong believer that spirits accompany us through our lives. Often they are the spirits of our ancestors and relatives and they can also be spirits of people attracted to our energy.

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